We hope this collections of FAQs helps you, but should you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


General Questions

1What is the Night Market?

Night Market is an event held in Peachtree City, Georgia, USA. It is a recurring night market where local vendors and artisans gathered to showcase and sell their products. The Night Market typically features a variety of goods, including arts and crafts, handmade items, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, and much more.

Visitors to the Night Market could enjoy a vibrant and lively atmosphere with live music, food trucks, and entertainment. It provides a great opportunity for the local community and visitors to come together, support small businesses, and enjoy a fun evening out.

2Where is the Night Market?
3Is the Night Market free to attend?

YES! The Night Market is free to attend for visitors, allowing you to browse the vendors' stalls, enjoy the entertainment, and soak in the atmosphere without any admission charge.

4Is the Night Market kid-friendly?

A community gathering open to all, Night Market is an evening event created primarily for those 18 and over.

We encourage parents and families to use the same judgement they do in bringing children to events such as concerts at The Fred where alcoholic beverages are available for sale.

5Is the Night Market wheelchair friendly?

Of course. Our venue is easily accessible by wheelchair.

6Are dogs allowed at the Night Market?

Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a leash for the duration of the festival.

7How often does Night Market occur?

Whenever possible, but inevitably it is up to Peachtree City Government to offer us dates. Please check our calendar page for a current list of upcoming events.

8What type of food will be available?

We will have 6-8 food trucks at each event, along with something sweet for dessert! If you are a food vendor and are interested, click here.

9Will alcohol be served?

Yup! Craft beer, mixed drinks, and wine will be available. Those who plan to purchase alcohol will need to show their ID and get a wristband from either the Night Market tent, or the alcohol vendor themselves.

Per City code ordinance, no alcohol may be brought into the Festival area. Beer, wine, and cocktails will be available for purchase at several locations throughout the Market. As always, alcoholic beverages purchased at the Festival must remain on-site. The Peachtree City Police Department and volunteers of the Night Market will ask you to dispose of any alcoholic beverage before you exit or enter.

10What other types of beverages will be available?

Soft Drinks, lemonade, ice tea and water (all of your favorites) will be located throughout the event. Per City guidelines, no alcohol or beer may be brought into the Festival area. No glass bottles may be brought into the area.

11What type of entertainment will be playing?

We may have one band playing throughout the night, or we may break it up and give multiple artists a chance to perform. Either way, you're sure to be entertained! We are currently accepting applications for entertainment. If you are interested, click here.

12What type of vendors will be set-up?

A maximum of 50 of the finest local, regional and national artists, with an emphasis on Fayette County and Georgian artists. All artist applicants will be selected by a jury of their peers based on the merit of their work as well as booth presentation. To apply, click here.

13Credit Cards/ Payment Terms

Many of the Artists are equipped to accept credit cards payments, however, keep in mind that some may or may not accept some types of cards. Many accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express, but many prefer cash. Each of the beverage stations and food concessions will accept cash and credit cards.

14Is there an ATM on premesis?

No, but there's a Bank of America only 0.5 miles (10 minute walk) and a Wells Fargo 1.2 miles away (4 minute drive).

15First Aid

EMS services will be on-site in the event that medical assistance is needed.

16Where do we park?

There is plenty of free parking available in the lots adjacent to the park.

17What happens if it rains?

Safety is always first.

If the weather poses a safety risk to patrons and participants, the Market will close and information will be announced on our Facebook page as well as this website.

In the event of a substantial rainfall on the Wednesday preceding a scheduled event, there is a possibility that the field might become excessively wet. Should this be the case, the event could be subject to cancellation, even up to Saturday evening.

If we proceed with the event, but thunderstorms roll in and lightning is reported in the area, the event will be put on hold and patrons must seek shelter.

If 2 hours into the event, there are still reports of lightning, the event will be officially cancelled.

18Will there be restrooms?

Got to have them! Portable toilets will be available throughout the Market area. There are also public restrooms up near the City Hall and Library. Just ask a volunteer; they can point them out for you.

19What is the weapons policy?

At Night Market, the safety and well-being of our attendees are of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to creating a secure environment for everyone to enjoy our events. While we may not have a specific policy regarding lawfully possessed weapons due to state law (OCGA 16-11-173), we want to ensure that all attendees feel safe and comfortable while attending our events. Please be mindful of the well-being of others, and help us maintain a friendly and secure atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

20Rules of Conduct
  • No alcohol will be allowed to be brought into the Festival Area.
  • Alcoholic beverages purchased on-site must remain on-site.
  • Market security will ask you to dispose of any alcoholic beverages before you exit.
  • No coolers
  • No glass bottles
  • No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, scooters, or motorized vehicles (except wheelchairs) are allowed into the Market area.
  • No grills or grilling will be allowed in the Market area.
  • No camp tents or overnight camping will be permitted in the Market area.
  • No illegal substances of any kind
  • All bags are subject to search by Market security
  • The Market reserves the right to decline admittance to anyone who violates the reasonable policies established for public safety.
  • Not sure, and don’t want to get in trouble? Just ask. I have other questions, how do I get answers? If there is anything that we missed and you have a question, just drop us an email or call us at: (470) 241-4412. *(please consider sending an email for a quicker reply).
21How do I volunteer?

We have a form for that! Please go here to apply.

22Can I speak to someone?

Since Night Market is run by volunteers, there's a good chance that no one will answer the phone when you call. You can however send us an email at [email protected], and we'll reply as soon as possible. If you need to call, you can leave us a message by calling (470) 241-4412.


For Vendors

1How do I become a vendor?

Please fill out the vendor application here.

Once your application is reviewed by the planning committee, you will receive an email response noting one of the following:

  • Approved, please pay;
  • Approved, but not for this next event;
  • Not approved

If you receive the approval email, there will be a link within it that you will use to pay the amount due. Your business name, as it was entered in the application, will immediately appear on the home page of the website upon successful payment. If you entered a Facebook and/or Instagram URL, the respective icon will appear next to your business name.

2What size spaces are available?

10' x 10' is the standard, but you are welcome to upgrade to a 10' x 20' if you need it.

3Do I have to sign a contract?

Peachtree City requires that all participating vendors sign their Vender Agreement, which can be found here.

4Where do I park if I am a vendor?

There will be an unloading area, and designated parking nearby.

5What time is set-up?

Due to the logistics of the loading/unloading zone, we require the tented vendors to arrive before the food trucks. So that Night Market personnel can assist the vendors from the parking lot to their booth spaces, we will ask that the vendors choose an arrival time. When it is time for you to do so, you will receive an email with a link that will bring you back to the website. If none of the options listed work for you, please choose "other" and explain your circumstance.

6What time is breakdown?

Night Market is scheduled to end at 10pm, and, you'll need to clean up immediately after.

7Do I need to have insurance?

Not exactly. It is however strongly advised. We just want you to be protected! If you need help with insurance, click here.

8Do I need any special permits?

All food vendors are required to obtain a "Fayette County Food Serving Permit." If you have additional questions, you may reach out to the County Health Department at (770) 305-5147.

Alcohol vendors will need a special permit through the City of Peachtree City, even if they already sell alcohol at their brick and mortar location. For more info, please contact Maria Puckett, the Special Events & Marketing Coordinator, at 770-486-3933.

All other types of vendors do not need any special permits or licenses.

9What happens if it rains?

Safety is always first.

If on the Wednesday before a scheduled event, there’s a 50% or greater chance of thunderstorms for Friday evening, the event will most likely be cancelled.

If we proceed with the event, but thunderstorms roll in and lightning is reported in the area, the event will be put on hold and patrons must seek shelter.

If 2 hours into the event, there are still reports of lightning, the event will be officially cancelled.

We expect our vendors to plan ahead and come prepared with the appropriate equipment (tents, tarps, extra weights, ropes, etc) needed to protect their items be ready to vend regardless of the weather. 

In the unlikely case where we have to cancel due to severe rain, wind, or lightning, or if the City closes the park, Night Market will do our best to forward any registration fees to a future market date. We will not issue any refunds, unless rescheduling is not an option.

If vendors do not want to even take the chance, they are entitled to reschedule, as long as they contact Night Market personnel less than 24 hours before the event is scheduled to begin.