General Questions

What is the Night Market?

Where is the Night Market?

Is the Night Market free to attend?

Is the Night Market kid-friendly?

Is the Night Market wheelchair friendly?

Are dogs allowed at the Night Market?

How often does Night Market occur?

What type of food will be available?

Will alcohol be served?

What other types of beverages will be available?

What type of entertainment will be playing?

What type of vendors will be set-up?

Credit Cards/ Payment Terms

Is there an ATM on premesis?

First Aid

Where do we park?

What happens if it rains?

Will there be restrooms?

What is the weapons policy?

Rules of Conduct

How do I volunteer?

Can I speak to someone?

For Vendors

How do I become a vendor?
What size spaces are available?
Do I have to sign a contract?
Where do I park if I am a vendor?
What time is set-up?
What time is breakdown?
Do I need to have insurance?
Do I need any special permits?
What happens if it rains?