Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the Night Market. For any inquiries, please refer to the FAQ page or contact us through the chat feature.

It's important to note that being a vendor at one Night Market event does not automatically enroll you for subsequent dates. Each event date requires a separate application, and prior participation does not guarantee acceptance. We limit the number of vendors in each category to ensure a diverse and rotating selection for our visitors each month.

We must provide a list of participating vendors and their services to the City at least two weeks before the event. Therefore, we need your completed Peachtree City Vendor Agreement and the associated payment before we can confirm your spot.

Please be aware that the City has the authority to disallow any vendor found in violation of city codes, rules, public safety, or deemed inappropriate.

Vendors offering food services, including food trucks and homemade food items, must comply with state and county regulations, which include obtaining valid permits, such as cottage business permits, alcohol licenses, and passing health inspections.

Food vendors specifically must obtain their permits from the Fayette County Department of Environmental Health (FCDEH), which is separate from City regulations. The FCDEH has the right to require a vendor to leave the event if the necessary permits are not obtained beforehand or if an inspection reveals unsafe handling, preparation, or serving of food or beverages.


Note: everyone is starting fresh this year, so even if you’ve previously applied, please don’t select “previously applied” for the first time this year.