Volunteer Sign-Up

Volunteer Sign-Up


Night Market is looking for help to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Setup starts at 9:30am on Friday, the morning of the event. Vendor check-in starts at Noon, and there are variety of tasks that you can assist with including driving golf carts with vendor goods from parking lot to tents, setting up tables and chairs, and assisting Night Market staff in setting up and stocking their tent. We have two time slots for help manning the Night Market Event Tent where you will assist with things such as checking IDs, answering questions and helping event staff. For those night owls, consider volunteering for Breakdown - our goal is to get enough folks so that we can get it all done in under an hour (there's a special place in our hearts for our breakdown crew!).

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with the Night Market. Please complete the form below and someone will be in touch to confirm.

Should you wish to speak with someone, feel free to call (470) 241-4412.